Early Trolley Cars SOLD AT COST

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Chicago Surface Lines 1920s Most CSL car types are shown, along with numerous tin-lizzy trolley sideswips, collisions, and crushings. Some flivver - flivver action smash ups are also shown.

Getting About Detroit The auto capitol of the country had a notable streetcar system. This 1934 rare film glorifies the Detroit trolley system in extensive detail, from the late 1800s to the mid 1930s.

Men Behind The Street Car A early 1930s look describing the complete operations of the Philadelphia Transportation Company (P.T.C.). It includes many shots of locations, plus all the different types of street cars used. Scenes of trolley cars, buses, subway cars, snow removal cars, and trackless trolleys. Also...shops, track laying, maintenance, electric sub-stations, several minor accidents, tin-lizzys and much more.

Total time 53 minutes, DVD

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