Rail Lines of Southern New England

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The Rail Lines of Southern New England

Second Edition

by Ronald Dale Karr

Anyone with an interest in the history of any railroad line in the region should consult this important and valuable book. —Historical Journal of Massachusetts

LONG CONSIDERED the bible of New England railroad history by many of the region’s rail fans, the first edition of The Rail Lines of Southern New England was praised by the New London Day as “an excellent introduction to local rail history.” Trains magazine told its readers, “Anyone interested in New England railroads should have this book.”Oakdale, MA

In this new edition, Ronald Dale Karr has updated his brief but thorough histories of all of New England’s present and predecessor railroads, including information on current status, abandoned sections that have become rail trails, and formerly active track now abandoned. The new edition includes over 100 historical and contemporary photographs and 104 all-new, more detailed maps of the region and of the 83 individual lines. No New England rail fan or local history buff should be without it!

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Ronald Dale Karr is a professional historian and Librarian Emeritus at U-Mass Lowell. A rail fan and railroad photographer since his teens, he has also written many professional history articles as well as Branch Line Press’s popular guide to abandoned rail lines, Lost Railroads of New England.

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