Sandy River & Rangeley Lake Railroad & Predecessors V4

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Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad (Part 4)
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The Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad had its origins in a group of Franklin County leaders and businessmen who were determined to bring reliable transportation to their lightly populated county in northwestern Maine. Using equipment from the defunct two-foot-gauge Billerica & Bedford Railroad, an 18-mile-long railroad was constructed that soon became an operating, commercial and financial success, and the basis of a much larger system.

This first successful two-foot narrow gauge common carrier in the United States and its sister carriers created a need for specialized and unique equipment. The Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad and Predecessor, Volume 4 by Jerry DeVos provides a comprehensive look at the rolling stock, freight cars and non-revenue equipment manufactured for or by the narrow gauge lines in Franklin County. This fourth volume describes the freight cars and non-revenue equipment built by the Sandy River and SR&RL; non-revenue equipment built by an unknown builder(s); and non-revenue equipment built by Joseph M. Whittier, the Kalamazoo Manufacturing Company and the Sheffield Motor Car Company. The volume features a complete bibliography and index. Hardcover, 8 1/2 x 11", 286 pages, 400 b/w photos.

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