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49 Bulletins on One DVD, Plus Extras
From the CERA Archives


The not-for-profit Electric Railway Historical Society published 49 bulletins between 1952 and 1967. These short books were a mixture of reprints from trade publications and original material by noted authors in the traction field, including James J. Buckley, George W. Hilton, Paul Stringham, O. R. Cummings, George K. Bradley, and many others. Over the years, all of these publications have gone out of print and are very hard to find.

CERA is pleased to offer the complete ERHS collection in digital form, with high-quaility PDF files of all 49 bulletins assembled on a single disc. This treasure trove of important historical material is now availble once again, and should be a boon to traction enthusiasts and researchers. High-resolution facsimiles of every page can be viewed on your home computer. There are 1826 pages in the bulletins, plus an additional 113 pages of bonus information.

We are offering this collection for the bargain price of just $29.95, with domestic shipping included. This works out to a cost of just 61 cents per book. Each bulletin is an exact facsimile of the original.

The disc includes an introduction as well as an index to all 49 bulletins, which can be viewed separately, plus some bonus features. Other than doing just what we did, and painstakingly assemble a complete collection yourself, which could take years, this is the next best thing. Why not purchase your copy today?

Making these historically important works available to the public once again is fully in keeping with CERA's mission "to encourage study of the history, equipment and operation of urban, suburban and mainline electric railways." CERA is fully committed to expanding our publishing activities to include shorter works as well as full-length volumes in the future, honoring the spirit, the example, and the legacy of the Electric Railway Historical Society.

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