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HAVE YOU EVER peered out the front window of a New York City subway train and wondered how all that maze of tracks and switches manage to connect to one and other? Or have you ever looked at a public subway map and tried to figure out why one line connects to another, but not to a third line close-by? Perhaps you have wondered what those colour light signals tell the train operator, or what that radio jargon means.

If you answered yes to any of these, then you're interested in Tracks of the New York City Subway!


What is Tracks of the NYC Subway?

Tracks of the New York City Subway, as its name implies, is a 153 page book containing depictions of every main line and yard track (including track numbers) in the entire New York City subway system--all 750+ miles of track and 468 stations of it! A 42-page introduction gives the reader a brief history of the system, a primer on subway signaling (including a colour insert of the most commonly-encountered signs and signals), details on chainage distances, towers, power generation/distribution and a detailed list of abandoned stations.

The 2013 edition:  Not many changes in the offing this year since 2012 was essentially quiet it terms of system changes. Lots of capital works in progress but nothing new added. Hurricane/super-storm Sandy's devastation will be covered in this edition--at least insofar as temporary service disruptions are concerned. Gowanus Canal updates for 2012/2013 will also be included and some intro pages were rewritten.

Zach Summer won this year's photo contest once again with a great shot of an Manhattan-bound F train from 18th St. in Brooklyn, shot on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, with the TRIBUTE IN LIGHT illuminating the void left by the World Trade Center towers on the distant skyline.



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