Traction Action and Trolley Treasures SOLD AT COST

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This action packed traction program will take you to over thirty different locations and lines operating in the 30's, 40's and 50's including Detroit, Atlantic City, Toronto, Belleville, N.J., N.Y. City, Washington, D.C., Lincoln, NE, Cleveland, San Francisco (cable cars and trolleys), Berkeley, Sacramento, Oakland, Milwaukee, Denver, Cedar Rapid and Norfolk, Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee, Erie-Lackawanna, Hagerstown and Fredericksburg Rwy., Reading Street Rwy., Indianapolis Rwy., Shaker Heights Rapid Transit, Philadelphia Elevated Lines, East Troy Rwy., Iowa Terminal Rwy., Baltimore & Annapolis Rwy., Chicago ELs, Illinois Term. Rwy., Waterloo & Cedar Falls and Northern, Q R L & P Co., C.S.S.&S.B.R.R., Branford Trolley Museum (1958) and more. 60 Minutes - Color - B&W - Background Music

Non-stop trolley action including Baltimore, MD just before the system was abandoned, New Orleans the oldest operating trolley system in the U.S.A., a brief look at Leonards Dept. Store PCC operation in Fort Worth, TX, Cleveland, Ohio with a variety of equipment featured and a look at the PCC operations in San Francisco, CA in the 1960's.

60 Minutes - Color - Background Music

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