Summer is almost here and we are so very excited for a new season at STM! 

This year we are happy to welcome back Jen Richardson as the new Assistant Store Manager.  Jen has worked for STM for several years in the past and now as a college graduate, she has rejoined Seashore with lots of drive, loftier goals and a sparkly new promotion!

In the few weeks since her return, she has found us some excellent new vendors who have lots of fun new items that we thought would fit right in! 

This week, we are showcasing the items of 3T Rail Products.  Such cute, well thought out items!  We love that they use recycled plastics to make fun toys and that they inspire creativity with building and painting your own souvenirs!!  Their resin products are sturdy and classic.  Can't help loving the screwdriver tool used to build your own train engine puzzle.  Some seriously adorable product!

Let us know what you think of all the new items and if you like them as much as we do, please do order them now!  These items are in limited supply as the new kids on the shelves!  Your purchases and feedback directly decide what we stock more of! 

Thanks Jen for finding these great items to add to the STM Store!

Stay tuned for more featured vendors in the future.  Thank you all for visiting this page and for your continued support of the museum.

Happy Summer 2018!