The 2018 season has come to a close and we thank  you all for your support this year.  Looking forward to Christmas Prelude, we are in the process of marking down and clearing out for next year.  Sales will  change each week leading to the holidays and year end.

We hope you will stop by regularly to see whats on sale each week.  Sales will run from Friday to the following Thursday. 

Happy shopping, and as always, thanks so much for your support and thank you for visiting the store online!

Sale on all STM custom clothing - included dated tee's, Kennebunks STM shirts, sweatshirts and hats... 

Sale starts on Friday the 10th and runs until Monday the 26th.  Get your holiday shopping done now.

Coupon Code tshirt15!

(Sizes are limited as the season is ended.  Having trouble? Message us and we will find the right items are the right sizes for you! [email protected])


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